• Interlude
  • The Canal Space
  • Unit 2.2
  • 1-5 Vyner Street
  • London E2 9DG
  • United Kingdom

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Interlude is a creative studio established by Annette Armstrong and Tristan Martin.

We develop, research and deliver work which engages and stimulates, whether for our clients and their audiences, or simply as a way of expressing ourselves.

Our work crosses all media and all channels: moving image, print, fine art, graphic design, music and sound design, sculpture, whatever. It’s on-line, on-screen, on paper, in galleries and museums, even in the home.

Whether it’s a commission or self-generated we approach every project we do without any assumptions: for us, it’s more often a case of solving a puzzle than meeting a brief.

We’ve always believed that collaboration makes for better work. We have a core set of talents, skills and abilities, but we don’t pretend we can do everything. So we work regularly with a small group of experts and specialists in other areas who feel and think the same way we do.


—Moving Image Production and Direction
—2D and 3D Animation
—Graphic Design
—Web and Interactive
—Identity and Branding
—Print and Communications

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